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Do you need any soldering work or catered repairs? We offer a variety range of repair services including flex cable repair, CCFL soldering, motherboard chipset component repair... etc, contact us today!

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Product categories
Laptop Technology

  Laptop Reapir
  Laptop LCD Screen
Laptop Parts by Type

  Carrying Case
  AC & DC Adaptor
  Acer laptop Keyboard
  AC Power Adaptor
  CCFL Backlight
  DC Power Jack
  DVD CD Drive
  Cooler, Fan, Heatsink
  Floppy Drive
  Hard Drive Caddy
  Hard Drive
  Keyboard & Touchpad
  Backlight FL Inverter
  LCD Screen
  Motherboard & CPU
  USB & Accessories
  Repair Service Manual
  LCD Screen Flex Cable
  Video & Sound Board
  Laptop Chassis Parts
  LCD Hinge & Bezel
Laptop Parts by Model

  Syntax /ECS
  Apple MacBook iBook
  IBM /Lenovo

Data Recovery Parts (HDD Control-baord)

  3.5" HDD for PC
  2.5" HDD for Laptop
Used PC Parts (for Repair)

  ATX Power Supplies
  SCSI Technology
  Sound Peripherals
  Video Peripherals
  RAM (Memory)
  Cables & Peripherals
  AT Power Supply
  Keyboard & Mice
  Heatsink & Fans
  Hard Drive
  Floppy Drive
  Monitor Display
  CPU Processor
  DVD CD Drive
  Network Accessories
  Case (Chassis)
  LCD Monitor AC Adapter
PC Parts (New)

  Case (Chassis)
  CPU Processor
  Heatsink & Fans
  Hard Drive
  RAM (Memory)
  Floppy Drive
  DVD CD Drive
  Keyboards & Mice
  Monitor Display
  Sound Peripherals
  Video Peripherals
  USB Accessories
  Network Accessories
  Cables & Peripherals
  PC Power Supply
  Media Card & Reader
  LCD Monitor AC Adapter
  LCD Monitor Backlight

LCD Monitor AC Adapter

  AG Neovo
Complete Systems

  New Laptops
  Refurbished Desktops
  New Desktops
  Refurbished Laptops
VIP packages

  Tech Forum 10 points
  Tech Forum 100 points
  Tech Forum 20 points
  Tech Forum 50 points
  Tech Forum 75 points
  VIP membership (annual)
  VIP membership (one month)
  VIP membership (one week)
  VIP membership (quarter)

Popular Items

  #1 Antivirus
  Under $5
  Data Recovery

Satellite Accessories


Forum categories
Laptops /Notebooks Repair

  TOSHIBA Laptop Repair
  DELL laptops Repair
  Laptop repair's Place of Prime
  HP /COMPAQ Laptops repair
  IBM Thinkpad /lenovo laptops repair
Internet & Networking

  Network's Place of Prime
  Web Browsing and Email
  Home Network and Router
Knowledge Base

  Laptop repair tutorial section
  PCCare Utility Suite 2007
  Laptop Repair

PC security

  PC Security
  Security's Place of Prime
  Help, my PC infected with a virus or spyware

  Help & Support Games
Operating Systems and software

  Windows NT/2000/2003
  Windows XP Home and Professional
  Software's Place of Prime
  Windows 7 Tips and FAQ
  Data Recovery and BIOS Setup
  Windows Vista Tips

Hardware Wizard

  Hardware's Place of Prime
  Multimedia's Place of Prime
  Memory (Ram) and Hard Drive
  Motherboard & Power Supply


Help pages

  How Do I Make a Return & What's the RMA Return Address?
  I Can't Find a Product, Can You Order It For Me?
  Selecting the Correct CCFL For Your Screen
  e Book FAQ
  e Book PCCare Utilities Suite 2007
  e Book Products
  e Book Troubleshoot
  Acer Aspire and Acer TravelMate Keyboard
  AC & DC Adaptor
  Laptop Battery
Most Asked Questions

  Things You Should Know Before a Repair
  How to create a repair ticket?
  Data Recovery Service
  How Do I Login and view the forums?
  Usage Guide to Computer Care Website (Search Engine)
  Are you new to
  How Does the Trade-In Program Work?

Knowledge Base

  What's a Personalized Tech Guide?
  How do I ask a new question?
  I need general forum help
  How does the points system work?

  Login and Registration Issues
  Posting Issues
  Formatting and Topic Types
  User Levels and Groups

Repair ticket

  How long does a repair take?
  How does FREE shipping work?
  How does the discount repair program work?
  Repair Glossary
  Shipping Guide
Service directory

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  Finding Us
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  About Us: Repair Center
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