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Old 08-16-2009, 04:03 PM
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Default How to install external USB sound card onto my laptop?

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Please review below some common laptop failures that
can repair for you.

If you want have a look the picture, please get a free registration and login. thanks.

1). [free] Next content shows how I install an external USB sound card adapter onto my laptop and let it be an inside part. My sound card is integrated on the motherboard of the laptop, which has had no sound for almost a week. And this time it breaks completely, even input and output are unavailable, and its microphone has no any function. Even the sound card could not be found in Control Panel. The sound card integration board on the laptop motherboard is burnt; the internal sound card device couldn’t work any more. but I do need this sound card adapter to use the sound device and microphone without changing the motherboard.

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2). My first choice is to use an external sound card adapter of USB interface, but it’s not that convenient, as it’s an accessory which is easy to get damaged and lost. So I decided to find one solution to put this sound card adapter into my laptop.

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5). For this refit, you need these conditions all below:
1. Experience of laptop disassembling, and some special service manual for laptops.
2. Soldering technique and tools, there’s introduction in the article I wrote about changing battery jack.
3. No need for expensive USB sound card 2.0 adapter. And I spent less than $7 on this, probably you could find a cheaper one.
The contents above are only for technicians who have experience. If you don’t have such experience, then you may (it’s quite likely) break your laptop. Please take the responsibility for the risk yourself!!
This manual may not fit your special situation or laptops of some brands; you have to ensure that your laptop has enough space to load the sound card module.
All right, next is the real disposal process.

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7). My method is quite simple. I use a little knife to open the crust of the USB sound card adapter easily and then remove the crust.

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14). Solder the end sides of the four wires to the backside of the USB interface on the motherboard. Be careful; ensure all cables have been connected correctly.
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16). I solder 3 wires to the sound card module, and at the joint of original Audio Jack, I solder all places on the terminal for these Audio Jack joints.

Please click here to continue

Computer Care Center

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Old 09-26-2011, 08:39 PM
Gladys Gladys is offline
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This is an excellent tutorial! This is a very creative, and quite resourceful approach to repairing a laptop with a burnt sound board. I have a laptop in which the sound card no longer functions. It is an older laptop that I don't really need anymore, so it would be perfect for tinkering. Thanks for the informative thread. I am actually considering buying a new system. Would anyone have any recommendations? I was considering checking out 613-742-7233 Thanks for your help.

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Old 12-07-2012, 01:29 AM
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