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Old 04-20-2008, 10:06 PM
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Default Used Laptop battery regeneration

Used Laptop battery regeneration (hydrogen electricity section)

Many guys thought that battery is a quite simple thing, but when came across with problems, they don’t know what to do or what accessory to find. And at this time, it is very difficult to find a battery as like as two peas or the price is unacceptable. So the laptop could only be used like a desktop, that’s a pity. Any solution? The answer is yes. Actually all laptop batteries use two kinds of medium: one is hydrogen battery, the other is lithium battery. If you have certain practice ability (mainly your confidence in yourself), then there’s nothing you can’t do.

First, make sure which kind does your battery belongs to, generally it is marked on the battery crust. Check it, if there’s “NI-MH” letters, congratulation, you are close to success, the letter “NI-MH” represents that your battery medium is of hydrogen. Then you should get several batteries first, which could be purchased from electron market or Internet. This kind of battery is almost the same as normal household small battery, but without packaging, the voltage is the same united 1.2V, but the capacity is different. Just like household battery, small size, middle size voltage are all 1.5V, but if the usage situations and output currents are the same, middle one must last longer than small one. If you don’t have any economic problems, batteries with big capacity is the first choice though there’s a certain price difference.

Now batteries are at hand, next is to do an operation for your laptop battery. You should be very careful to your patient “battery”, (don’t mess up) and operation tools are necessary: a screwdriver, a set of pliers, a lighter, some thin brass wires, an adjustable transformer (which could be found in small electric appliance shop) of 1V to 12V direct voltage (DV), family-used fuse, a electric iron and some insulated rubberized fabric etc. All these things could be bought from metal store. And the battery crust is mostly composed of two pieces of crust from upper and downside, which are agglutinated from midst. Then we will saw it off from the middle part of the crust, take it easy (this procedure is very troublesome but the key to success), make sure your sawing is a straight line, which will facilitate later agglutination procedure. This is also a test to your patience. When sawing, take care, don’t break the components inside. No matter what happens, just relax to be a doctor.

After saw it up, you will find there are so many, so many batteries which are series-parallel connected. Fabulous! Yes, actually some series-parallel connected batteries. Series connection is for achieving standard working voltage, while parallel connection is for achieving certain battery capacity (that is using time of laptop). In fact, most situation is that only one or several batteries have problem, not each one. Picking the damaged battery (or batteries) out seems very difficult, and all maintenance procedure is to replace the broken battery (or batteries) with purchased new one (ones). So the problem is very simply to handle.

OK, the operation then starts in deed. Dismantle the battery one by one (saw off the connection wire between batteries, you’d better draw a sketch on the paper in case you forget). The battery has positive and negative two poles. The glossy end connected to battery crust is the negative pole (this is pressure-exceed charge), stop for 5 minutes every 5 minutes, the two reasons are: 1. lower the temperature for the transformer, 2. let the battery have a “rest”. Repeat this operation about 8 times, charge procedure is finished, oppositely the discharge procedure is simpler and more interesting. Get a section of household fuse, one side connects negative pole, the other with positive pole (short circuit discharge). If the fuse melts broken immediately, then this set of battery is fine, contrarily if no response, then this battery is what we finding (lol,…., victory is right before your eyes). Then replace the problem batteries with new ones, connect them carefully and put it back to the battery crust, agglutinate the crust, then put the battery on the laptop. Have a try! You will be very glad to see it works! You make it!


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