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Old 05-19-2008, 02:09 AM
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Default IBM ThinkPad------how to take full advantage of the battery of laptop

IBM ThinkPad------how to take full advantage of the battery of laptop
New battery

When you buy a new battery, you may find the capacity of the battery is 0%. This is probably because the battery has been stored in the warehouse for a long time. But you needn’t to worry about it, this will not affect the quality of the battery. If the capacity is 0%, then you should continually charge for the battery about 12 hours. And repeat the charge operation 3 times to “Wake up” the battery. If the new battery is charged for 12 hours or you have repeated the charge 3 times for the battery, it still can’t be charged. Then probably you need to change this new battery.

Adjustment when using the battery
Generally, chargeable battery gets energy by chemistry reaction. Therefore, battery capacity is affected by many factors, such as temperature, unused lay-aside time, load conditions and charge times etc.

Next instruction points out the optimization for the battery using environment, in this way, to prolong the using life of the battery:
If the charge has already begun, then you should never use the battery to supply power for the laptop before it is charged full;
If you use a new battery, at the first charge, you may not be able to charge to 100% full, the reason is the specialties of the chemical substance in the charge unit;

To get the best performance, you should activate all the chemical substances in the battery totally;
If you really want to get the best performance of the battery, please follow the steps next:
Repeat the charge/discharge process 3 times (complete charge, then complete discharge---this process is just one charge/discharge operation);

If the battery has been unused for several months, then it is strongly recommended you to charge and discharge the battery 3 times;
If the battery has not been used up totally, don’t charge it;
Incomplete charge or incomplete discharge will probably cause the chemical substance of activated state in the charge unit not to accord with the state memory. Then lower down the performance of the battery.
If you use the Ni-MH battery, for the sake of performance optimization, you’d better to discharge completely and deeply one time each several months. And there’s the method:Plug the AC adaptor again, charge the battery 100% full.
Attention: as for Li battery, we don’t suggest you the method of deeply discharge.

Prolong the using life for the battery
As for the models of ThinkPad I series, such as 1200, 1300, when you double click the battery icon on the taskbar, system will display the information about the battery capacity.
If one of the cases below happens, then system might be unable to track the actual capacity of the battery…
Shut down the system before the indicator light of the battery state shows that the capacity is empty
The operation system still runs even after the indicator light of the battery state shows the capacity is out of use.
In order to keep the actual capacity of the battery to accord with the battery capacity indicator program again, Notebook Manager already has a built-in battery renovate procedure, which helps to optimize the battery expediently. This program can run on the system with battery power supply. Even system power adaptor has already been plugged; battery capacity could still be used up by this program.
Follow the next steps to use the battery renovate procedure:

1.Plug the power adaptor to ensure there’s still power supply for the system even when the battery is used up.

2.Click start programsNotebook Manager to start the application.

3.In the window of Notebook Manager program, click POST option tab;

4.Click “Refresh” button (Enable Battery Refresh);

5.After the discharge, recharge it to 100% full;
When plug power adapter, if the battery indicator light turns green, then it indicates that the battery has already been charged full.

Battery fuel gauge
As for ThinkPad 365X/XD or 380/385, system computes the remain capacity of the battery by testing its voltage. And the capacity information is displayed by the fuel gauge program.
Next we will describe some specialties under the battery capacity calculation mode.
The battery capacity that Fuel gauge program shows four grades of the total capacity: 100%, 80%,10% and 0%.
When you use the battery, the voltage of the battery reduces gradually, so we can calculate the remain capacity of the battery by the voltage.
And during the charge process, fuel gauge starts from very low battery state. And the voltage raises quickly when charge it. Therefore, not long before you star t the charge, though the capacity is still very low, system will prompt the 80% capacity of the battery.
For ThinkPad 560,600,760,765,770
The models of ThinkPad 560,600,760,765,770 all use smart battery, which contain a micro-processor to watch up the battery capacity. Some information such as left capacity will be transferred to system by the battery, and the system will display the capacity from 0% to 100% gradually by I % increase. If the capacity that system displayed is not accurate, then suggest you to completely charge the battery again, then completely discharge it. Repeat this 3 times. It is possible that the battery capacity showed is not accurate when overcharge or over-discharge the battery.
Power Management setup
This part is mainly to describe how to make full use of the battery. And these methods are adapt to ThinkPad 365X/XD, 380,560,600,760,765D/L and 770 models

A.To confirm APM mod e has already been started.
As for Windows 95 4.00.950 or 4.00.950A system, to enter the control panel, click power options, and confirm it is advanced power management;
As for Windows 95 4.00.950B system, to enter the control panel, click power options and to confirm that the option “Allow Windows managing the power solution” has already been selected.
Attention: click “Start””Control Panel””System”, you can confirm your current system is the version of 4.00.950, 1.00950a or 4.00.950B
Under default situation, it shows general options card, and the version information above is on the third line of the general options card. Only when Windows 95 system starts the power management, the power management function provided by ThinkPad feature program can work.

B.Select the running mode for the battery in the program ThinkPad Feature or ThinkPad Configuration.
In order to prolong the using time of the battery as much as possible, I suggest you to select auto power using mode or user-defined mode.

C.If you select the user-defined power mode, you can set up the items below manually:
standby time, suspend time, display time, hard drive time and processor speed etc.
In order to prolong the using life for the battery, I suggest you to set these time parameters as short as possible, and select lower CPU speed.

D.With auto mode, these times have already been set, users can’t modify these time settings. And CPU speed is set as auto control.
Power saving mode.
When system stays non-work state, I suggest you to start the power saving mode. ThinkPad system provides 3 power saving modes, which are shown as below:

Standby------to turn off LCD, hard drive and sound device.
Suspend------all tasks are paused, and stored to memory. All equipments except memory are turned off.

Hibernation-------all tasks are paused, the data in the memory and the current state of the computer are stored on to the hard disk, and then turn off the power.
If you want to start the standby, suspend or hibernation mode, follow the next steps:

Standby-------shortcut key Fn+F3, or set up the standby time with the program ThinkPad Configuration.
Suspend-------shortcut key Fn+F4, fold the LCD, set up the suspend time with the application ThinkPad configuration; in the battery fuel gauge application, click the suspend icon; or with the model ThinkPad 760 or 765, uplift or open the keyboard, system will also suspend.
Hibernation-------shortcut key Fn+F2; click the hibernation icon in the battery fuel gauge; set up the hibernation time with the application ThinkPad Configuration/ThinkPad Feature.

Attention: in order to let the hibernation function works, you’d better first start up the hibernation function. At the same time, the hibernation function needs certain disk space.
After setting up the standby time or suspend time, when system otiose time arrives the settle time, it will auto enter the standby state or suspend state.

When in hibernation mode, you can select “Suspend/Hibernation/Resume” option in the application ThinkPad Configuration/ThinkPad Feature, and set up the hibernation options. For more information, you can refer to your user manual with the machine.

Notices when use PC card or CD-ROM under suspend mode.
Under suspend mode, if the PCMCIA MODEM inspects any dial-in signal, system will auto resume to normal operation state.
When active communication exists, the computers use the next PCMCIA .MODEM cannot enter suspend mode:

IBM 28.8/14.4 Data/FAX modem
IBM High Speed PCMCIA Data/FAX modem
IBM Microelectronics 2.4/9.6 Data/FAX modem
IBM Microelectronics 14.4/14.4 Data/FAX modem
IBM Wireless Modem for ARDIS
IBM Wireless Modem for Mobitex
IBM Wireless Modem for Cellular/CDPD

*Notice: some models’ 28.8/14.4 Data/FAX MODEMs don’t support dial-in signal
PCMCIA network card (such as: Token-Ring, Ether… )
When laptop uses battery power supply, system might stop the power supply for PC card, not to communicate with PC card any longer.
When laptop uses power adapter, if any one of the following IBM PC cards is used, then the system will enter standby mode, not suspend mode:

IBM 3270 Emulation Credit Card
IBM Token-Ring 16/4 Credit Card
IBM Credit Card Adapter for Ethernet
IBM 5250 Emulation Credit Card

when use other PC cards, system can enter suspend mode (even if it is the adapter to supply power), all processes will be paused.
Notices for the usage of CD-ROM
In Windows 95 system, the general CD drive will access the CD-ROM every 3 seconds, to check if there’s any CD in it. This existed function makes ThinkPad system can’t enter suspend state even the system is unused for a long time.
To stop this auto monitor function and to start the suspend time function; you should follow the next steps:

1.Click “My Computer”;
2.Click “Control Panel””System”;
3.Click Device Manager;
4.Click CD-ROM, expand this item;
5.Double click CD drive device, such as XXXXX;
6.Select “Setup”’
7.Remove the selection of “Auto insert the announcement”

Notice: the XXXXX in the fifth item represents the name of the CD drive device. Such as TEAC CD-40E for TP365X/XD
You can find these methods in the user manual, the fourth chapter “Correct measures to use the battery”. Please refer to it.
Other power saving ways
Lower down the brightness of the LCD-----the liquid crystal display includes a luminescence stripe lamp for the LCD illumination. And this stripe lamp gonna consume quite a lot of current. Therefore, the reduction of the LCD brightness will be helpful for the power saving of the battery.

Turn off the unused serial port devices. Serial port and infrared devices could be disabled in ThinkPad Configuration application.
Notice: Ni-Hi battery might get heat during the process of charge. This is quite normal; it is the result of the chemical substance reaction.
When the battery temperature exceeds the normal range, the internal circuit of the battery will auto stop the charge for the battery. Therefore, if the battery could be completely charged to 100% full, then the suggestion of replacing battery as temperature is really unacceptable.

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Default HSMS-2820-BLK,HSMS-2820-TR1 and HSMS-2820-TR2 datasheet

HSMS-2820-BLK,HSMS-2820-TR1 and HSMS-2820-TR2 datasheet
These Schottky diodes are specifically designed for both analog and digital applications. This series offers a wide range of specifications and package configurations to give the designer wide flexibility. Typical applications of these Schottky diodes are mixing, detecting, switching, sampling, clamping, and wave shaping. The HSMS-282x series of diodes is the best all-around choice for most applications, featuring low serie resistance, low forward voltage a all current levels and good RF characteristics. Note that Agilent’s manufacturin techniques assure that dice foun in pairs and quads are taken from adjacent sites on the wafer, assuring the highest degree of match.

Quad Capacitance
Capacitance of Schottky diode quads is measured using an HP4271 LCR meter. This nstrument effectively isolates individual diode branches from the others, allowing accurate capacitance measurement of each branch or each diode. The conditions are: 20 mV R.M.S. voltage at 1 MHz. Agilent defines this measurement as “CM”, and it is equivalent to the capacitance of the diode by itself. The equivalent diagonal and adjacent capaci- tances can then be calculated by the formulas given below.

Applications Information
Product Selection Agilent’s family of surface mount Schottky diodes provide unique solutions to many design prob- lems. Each is optimized for certain applications. The first step in choosing the right product is to select the diode type. All of the products in the HSMS-282x family use the same diode chip–they differ only in package configuration. The same is true of the HSMS-280x, -281x,285x, -286x and -270x families.Each family has a different set of characteristics, which can be compared most easily by consult-ing the SPICE parameters given on each data sheet.

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Old 12-20-2008, 07:08 PM
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Great POST!
I assume its for all thinkpad even its IBM or lenovo.

Im using thinkpad lenovo.
this such a good reference. thanks again.
Freeware OpenSource
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