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Old 05-08-2008, 05:31 AM
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Default Notebook not boot or not power on repair methods

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Notebook not boot or not power on repair methods

When using a laptop will inevitably encounter various problems, such as the screen is not bright, frequent crashes, such as not boot, not power on.. In the difficulties to, that today, as we all writing and a notebook not boot overhaul of the Article, to all the friends who love solving problems together!

Show outlet is normal, various modules are loose or connection is bad, whether fixtures on the motherboard, CPU have loosened or not? Bad solder and other phenomena.
Check the main power supply fuses (resistor), is not destroyed, if destroyed, play resistance value number not being too small!

Measuring 3.3 v/5v a circuit / CPU main power supply circuit / battery charging circuit to see if there is no supply voltage, please check Power launch button, there are 3.5-5 v-voltage, if not on the check, will be to overhaul the corresponding circuit and to fix.

3.3v/5v circuit this circuit in general has generated. Because no drawings, we reverse method used to determine which circuit on the motherboard is a 3.3 v/5v circuit.
First find the memory slot near the patch capacitor, it is obvious (the circuit board capacitors are used to filter 95 percent) connected to one end (grounding) and then on the other end of a circuit of 3.3 v/5v output inductors, the middle of insurance Resistance You can also use PS / 2 mouse population of 5 v power supply to 3.3 v/5v a circuit judge.

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Laptop power supply circuits have characteristics: there are an inductor, two of the MOS (eight feet of field-effect transistor) and power modules, the role of different sub-cpu main voltage, battery charger, 3.3 v/5v Generation Circuit, these three kinds of circuit structure is similar to those used on the reverse of which can distinguish between what is circuit.
CPU main power supply, cpu patch near a lot of capacitance, the cpu is now generally used three power supply, the master, the inner core, outer core, to distinguish between what is the master of the filter capacitance is simple, the largest number of filtering is the master Capacitance.
Features: These capacitors are linked to positive and negative linked to negative, which groups the largest number of parallel capacitor, which group is cpu master.
You have found CPU master circuit, the battery charging circuit, you can found 3.3 v/5v find a circuit (mentioned above) with battery cathode
Press the power button should produce 3.3 v/5v/cpu masters such as voltage, if not also, follow the master circuit of the power which repair any bad.

The normal power supply, we should look at the clock circuit have no electricity. The machines generally have two power supply, 3.3 v and 2.5v from 3.3 v/5v a circuit and cpu voltage generated from nuclear circuit. To find the edge of the chip capacitors to be tested.

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Reset circuit is a headache, no information is not good for chips, hard drives will use the pc card slot of the reset pin (do not tell me you do not know what is!) On a simple judgement.

Reset the clock for normal power supply that we have to refresh the bios, Please remember to backup when you refresh BIOS.

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Old 05-10-2008, 12:45 PM
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Default MC12011P Data

pdf datasheet

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Old 09-08-2008, 04:25 PM
Josephvs Josephvs is offline
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1st picture is from a HP DV4000 or ( V4000 Compaq) what purpose does it serve?
I have a couple of these to fix but by reading this it didnt help at all.
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Old 09-11-2008, 04:10 PM
markwalters markwalters is offline
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Default This is great stuff

Thanks a lot, this is great stuff, helpful Perfect for solve my unique problem with my defective laptop's motherboard. thanks again.
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Old 12-20-2008, 07:01 PM
wareup wareup is offline
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picture is OK! problem is how to bring out that board out of its casing
what are do's and donts.
Freeware OpenSource
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