In our daily life and work, usually we neet to keep secret about the data in some Excel documents, so at this moment, we could set “ReadOnly” property or to change password for Excel table data documents.
Now let’s first take a look how to set password for the document of Excel 2007.
In Excel 2007, click the button on the top left corner, in the popup menu choose “Save as..”, or to press shortcut key F12 to save it.
On the “Save as…” dialog, there’s a “Tools” button on the left bottom corner, click the little triangle on the right of the button “Tools”, then choose “General” options in the popup menu. Then we could set password in the “General options”.
After setting up “Open authority password”, then others could read the Excel file by this password.
And after setting up “Modify authority password”, others could use this password and modify the Excel file.
Tick off the option “ReadOnly recommended”, when others try to open the Excel file, Readonly prompt window would pop up.
The method to set password for Excel 2000 and Excel 2003 editions are similar. There’re just some difference on interface, such as the “Tools” button is on the top right corner of “Save as…” dialog.