After I got back from Africa, I downloaded all my RAW files into my Toshiba Satellite laptop and got them cropped and organized. Then I spilled about half a pint of apple juice on the keyboard which killed the hard drive. Had it replaced by the Geek Squad. Toshiba does not supply recovery disks with new laptops so I had to order them from their USA affiliate. Geek Squad used the disks and now, as you can see, my laptop is once again functional. Or almost. The recovered machine will not accept RAW files. It directed me to two sites: 1) a commercial site where a patch was sold for $29.95. 2) the Canon site where the software was free. Tried the free Canon software which did not help. Then I downloaded the disk that came with the camera. All to no avail. Other than suicide, you got any suggestions? guidance? enlightenment? many thanks, cyber-ignorant Bill