remove west yorkshire police virus windows 7

How dangerous is the West Yorkshire Police Virus?

West Yorkshire Police Ukash Virus is a nasty virus, it can lock your computer before you can log in your system. It hijacks your browser settings then all your screen has been covered with its warning alert. One of the victims said:”I had the Your computer is locked for violating the law of Great Britain Virus before but I managed to get onto Safe Mode and do a system restore after which point I installed Microsoft Security Essentials. However, since the virus had disappeared i uninstalled the anti-virus and the next thing I know I get a more malicious West Yorkshire Police virus.” Many of them even tried pushing the shut down button which temporarily closes the full screen virus as the computer begins shut down and shows their desktop with a ‘programs are being closed – end process’. They tried opening run and pressing ‘shutdown -a’ but this doesn’t abort shut down. Restart your computer and get in safe mode with networking, if you can log on, try the guide below.

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