Why is my laptop battery not holding a charge like it did when new?

Laptop batteries will not recharge over and over forever so why run it on battery power when you can use the mains!


Should I leave my battery in the laptop, well yes to recharge it we advise keeping it fully charged and not storing in a dead/discharged state.


Should I leave my expensive laptop rechargeable battery inside the laptop if the laptop is on all day used as a desktop, NO we say take the battery out and leave it in the desk charged for when it it needed, Why should i take it out while I leave the laptop on for hours, well we know the battery has complex electronics mounted on a PCB inside the battery constantly trying to memorize the state of the individual cells so as to keep account of there recharge needs - in side the notebook battery pack, We Believe leaving your battery on constant charge in some battery designs can critically lower the life of your laptop battery. thus take it out if you use your laptop as a desktop or plugged in every day, but use a backup mains inverter for when the mains fluctuates or momentarily turns off as you will lose your application documents your working on.


Our advice to our customers is to take out your battery when the laptop is used as a desktop. leaving the battery in and running it down when you could be using a AC adapter plugged into the mains is lowering the life of your rechargeable notebook battery, best regards R Mowe electronics tech.

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