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bigfoot 12-07-2006 02:39 AM

[3.1.2]Diagnostic & Repair Tools for IBM/Hitachi HDD
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[free] [3.1.2]Diagnostic & Repair Tools for IBM /Hitachi HDD Step 1: Put PCCARE CD into your computer and restart, you will see the boot menu coming… (Please see screenshots below) [img=1] [/free] Step 2: Select option [3.1.] "Diagnostic & Repair Tools” press to run you will see the sub-menu coming…befor do Step 3, please Make Sure Your Hard Drive Brand is IBM /Hitachi . (Please see screenshots below) [img=2] Step 3: Select [3.1.2] " IBM /Hitachi " press to run to view detailed ATA Hard Disk Diagnostic information. Press Enter a choice 2. ATA support only. (Please see screenshots below) [img=3] Step 4: choice 2. ATA support only, Press to run test (Please see screenshots below) [img=4] Step 5: Press to view test information, you will see Driver of list coming... press the "Y" key. (Please see screenshots below) [img=5] Step 6: Press <Y> to view test information. Select the drive that you want to test, To start the Quick TEST, select a " IBM /Hitachi " HDD and press the "Q" key or press the "A" Key for Advanced Test. (Please see screenshots below) [img=6] Step 7: Press <Q> or <A>to view test information. you will see Device Model /Serial No/ Cache /Capacity and Function... (Please see screenshots below) [img=7] Step 8: Press wait to view test information. the test result will be saved automatically. [img=8]

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